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Bryron Olive and Reginald Dozier are able to create music for the soul, expressing the essence of a song through innovative lyrics and the latest beats.  Whether you are looking for a full song for your next album, a theme for your videos, or a jingle to spice up your sale, you are covered with Olive & Dozier Music…

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A collaborative team of song writers and producers that generate the sound you want, need and feel. Sharing melody and rhythm in a collaborative effort to achieve a new sound. Expressing the essence of an artist sounds using professional experience and know how.

Having an experienced team helping you write that next great hit or purchasing a song has been a long time industry standard. This production team understands the importance of customizing a song quickly and efficiently to meet your needs.  Olive & Dozier have taken the time to develop a proven method to help extract your ultimate desires in a song and develop either a new song to your taste or edit one to your desire.    Looking to craft a new sound for yourself?  Olive and Dozier can help develop a series of new influences that take you to that next level of sound.  Learning from some of the industries best writers and producers and using years of personal experience, Olive & Dozier can take your music to the next level.

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Olive & Dozier Music

Lyrical specialist ready to design the latest songs just for you. Take this opportunity to get customized music written and produced specifically for your voice and tone.  Contact us via our online form.

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